Chris and me

Posting silence

Haven't posted much this week because I'm trying very hard to finish a copy edit before I leave on Sunday! However, I think I need some sleep so I can do a good job tomorrow. HOpefully I'll get a real update up soon. :)
Chris and me

Snow, bitter cold day, I suppose

Brenna had the day off school today due to bitterly cold temperatures (as in, the temperature was -30 or so, with windchill. Brrrrrrr....

I worked on my copy edit, went grocery shopping, and hung out with Rachel in the morning. Then I worked on my copy edit, read with the kids, and cleaned the house in the afternoon. I also taught the kids to play Dungeon Roll, which was fun. :) Brenna had her next piano lesson this afternoon, and did a great job. Then we had crockpot chili and homemade bread for dinner--perfect for a night like tonight! Brenna also has no school tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. The kids may go to Rachel's for a couple hours so I can get more of my copy edit done.

No pictures today, as I mainly just tried to hibernate! Our heaters just can't keep up with this cold!
Chris and me


Brenna's fever was gone today, and the La Crosse Winter Rec Fest Mighty Mites Hockey Jamboree was today. She still wasn't feeling great (her throat was REALLY sore), but she really wanted to go. I told her she could try, but that if she got too tired or too much in pain, that we could leave early. So, instead of having 20 minutes of practice, and 4 games, she did 20 minutes of practice and one game. But she had a good time, and I'm glad she was able to participate, even if it was only a little bit.

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Since she was hurting so much, and a glance in her throat showed white spots, I thought she might have strep. So, off to urgent care. The good news is that she doesn't have strep. The bad news is that she actually had Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Apparently, she is definitely not contagious, because the fever broke, but they can't do anything for her throat other than ibuprofen, liquids, and smooth foods. Usually there is a rash on the hands and feet in smaller children, but apparently it can just present as headache, fever, nausea, and mouth/throat sores in older kids. Fun times. Hopefully she feels better soon, since I can't give her much to help her throat!

Afterward, we headed home to do chores and hang out as a family. I also finished the blessing dress set I was making for my friend. I hope she likes it, and that it fits the baby!

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Now, bedtime so I can be "on" for Primary tomorrow. Plus, we get to go have dinner with some friends--we're making homemade bread, and they're making lamb stew. Yum! I'm so excited. :) And I get to go, since Brenna isn't contagious!
Chris and me


Friday was both a hard day, and one of the best days I've had in a while. None of us slept much Thursday night, because Jonas had a lot of phlegm in his throat, and ended up needing to sit in the bathroom while we created steam with the shower (Chris took that one), and Brenna woke up a bunch of times because she was very sick and had a high fever.

Also, our car was still in the shop. So, we had to get the kids up and going to get Chris to work. On the other hand, I got a lot of work done, the kids were fairly subdued, but mostly cheerful (even though Brenna kept throwing up), and I got to read lots of books with the kids and work on my crochet project. We also picked up the car, and had a lovely time together as a family--probably the nicest, happiest evening we've had in a long while. It was really, really nice.
Chris and me


Well, the good news is that the clutch in the car wasn't bad. The bad news is that about five different things are not working, so we get to pay over a thousand dollars to fix it. yay.

Got to work more on my copyedit, hung out with Jonas, and tried not to freeze. Cub scouts was fun, and Brenna enjoyed Activity Days. Otherwise, today was pretty much not a good day, so I think I will just go to bed and pretend it didn't exist!
Chris and me


Got a bunch of work done today, and got in a copyedit for a fun sci-fi novel. Yay! I love that kind of work! :)

Jonas and I also read a bunch of books, did math, and folded and put away laundry today. Not the most exciting day ever, but sometimes you just need a day where you can cuddle with your child and enjoy.

Unfortunately, Chris's car is NOT behaving, so we had to take it into the shop. Hopefully whatever is wrong will be a cheap and easy fix (please, oh please, oh please!).

Brenna did great at tap class (they started learning their recital dance today), and she didn't have hockey because the Winter Rec Fest is going on and usurped their ice time. Caprese salad and baguettes for dinner, because sometimes you need a bit of summer in winter!

This evening I finished all my purple minion mittens (I think). Now to finish my Totoro mittens and a baby blessing dress and I will be well on my way to finishing my current project list!
Chris and me

Half-off Monday

Today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so Chris and Brenna had the day off. However, Jonas still had Joy School and dance class, and Brenna still had piano lessons, so it's was kind of half a day off for us. :D

Brenna came with us to Joy school, and we had fun learning about wild animals with Simon, Theo, and the Knudsens (the others couldn't make it). Then, Jonas did great at his tap class, and he was excited because one of his classmates had a birthday, and she brought little bags of cookies for everyone. :D

After we finished our morning chores, we headed home to play with our friends the Hiltons. Sarah had to work, but Chris and the boys were able to come play. :)

Then Brenna and I left for her piano lesson. She did a great job, and is still diligently practicing (two weeks in), so hopefully we can maintain that momentum. :D

In the evening we watched a movie with dinner (pizza balls), and had family home evening. We are working on memorizing the articles of faith. Jonas knows the first one, and most of the second, and Brenna is very strong on the first four. We'll get there!

Tomorrow, it's back to work and school.
Chris and me

Ward Conference Sunday

Today was Ward Conference, so all the stake leadership was at our ward council meeting this morning. Well, everyone but the Primary leadership! :P The stake Primary president called me yesterday to let me know they wouldn't be able to make it--one of the councilors has a son going on a mission and today was his farewell, and the president was calling me from the emergency room where she was with her son. So...they'll come another time.

Church went well (Allie and Zana both came), but sacrament went waaaaaay over, which kinda messed with my Sharing Time preparations! Normally it'd be a lot easier to cut down, but today I had guests from the ward come participate, so it was kind of crazy. It all worked out, though, so that's good.

This afternoon, we hung out with the kids (and I must have been super tired, because I actually napped for a bit!), and then Chris made us curry for dinner. Yum!

Brenna kept hearing noises and seeing things in her room, so after Jonas was asleep, we had her go sleep on the top bunk in his room. Hopefully that will help her not be scared.

I continue to work on my purple minion mittens. Got the second pair done, and started on a third (I have the eyes attached, now I need the buttons, mouth, and teeth). I also researched baby blessing dress patterns because I may make one for a friend's baby, at her request. :) Should be fun!

Also cute Jonas quote for the day:
Chris to Jonas, "Can I hold your hand?"
Jonas: "Sure, my pinkie is available!" and he offered Chris his pinkie to hold.

Jonas also got in trouble for chasing Brenna around asking her "Are you my mummy?" (reference to a Dr. Who episode).

Tomorrow, Chris and Brenna have the day off, but Jonas still has joy school and dance class. Busy day!
Chris and me


Today, I got to sleep in until 7:30 or so, which was lovely. Then I got the day started in time to get Brenna ready for hockey at 10. She did great (they had a shorter scrimmage session because one of the older teams had a jamboree today right after). Then, home to do chores and feed the kids lunch. In the afternoon, the kids went outside to play for over an hour, and Chris and I watched the first episode of the new season of one of our favorite shows: Face Off. It was fun! I also worked on more mittens. I need more gray yarn before I can finish one batch, and I'm currently in the middle of adding the details to the purple minion mittens.

Here's what the first finished pair looks like:

title or description.

The next set has two eyes, but I think I like the look of the one-eyed ones better.

I also finished up planning for Sharing Time tomorrow, and printed out everything I need for it.

We made black bean soup and homemade bread for dinner, and had the missionaries come over. Always fun. :) Now, I am very tired, and it's time for bed!
Chris and me

Captain Underwear Head!

This morning, Jonas was getting dressed and came in and asked, "Is this the right way to put on my underwear?" He had put them on his head, with his face peeking out from one leg hole. When I looked at him, he grinned and ran around shouting, "I'm Captain Underwear Head! Fear my wrath!"

That boy sure makes me laugh. :D

Today was a pretty good day. Did a bunch of work, then Jonas and I read together, did some math, had a dance party, and went on a walk together before coming back to dance some more. It was a lot of fun. :) Jonas is really coming along with his reading, and his math. He still struggles with the fine motor control needed to write very well, but I'm not particularly worried about it. Maybe I'll let him go to town with a pair of scissors next time. He'll like that. :D

Later, after Brenna came home, Zana showed up to play, and then Dale did, too, so the kids had a great time together. We had green beans and bbq chicken drumsticks for dinner, and watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters with the kids. Then roleplaying with friends, which is always fun. :)

Tomorrow, Brenna has hockey, and I'll have to clean up the house because we might have visitors. Good times!