Ali (magegirl) wrote,

Back to the routine

Brenna had school today, which was nice. We got her and River there (on time!), and then Jonas played and watched some Netflix shows while I got my editing done and planned Cub Scouts (still working on getting myself a replacement...). Then, we read some books together and went to the library to get a whole new stack, which is always fun.

Then, it was back home for lunch. Then I got to talk to Janci for a long time, which was awesome. Then off to get Brenna--we ended up with a full car on the way home--we took Brenna, River, and Zana, Dale, and Allie.

I made a chicken and rice soup for dinner, which was super tasty. Zana came over to play, but Brenna was playing a game with Chris. I ended up playing a game of Tsuro with Zana instead. :)

Tonight was also Activity Days, so we had Zana, Brenna, and Alana with me and Rachel in the car. Those girls can get crazy!

Cub Scouts went well and now I get to sleep. Not a particularly exciting day, but a good one. It's good to have those some days. :)
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