Ali (magegirl) wrote,

Running in circles

Today was one of those days where I think I got things done, but mostly I just felt like I was running around in circles! The majority of the morning was spent in a Primary meeting (lots of good stuff accomplished, though), and then I made English toffee with Clarissa before heading off to finally do my Sam's Club shopping for the week. Then home for work and then we picked up Brenna. Poor girl wasn't feeling well today, so we skipped hockey practice. Hopefully she'll feel better by Saturday, since we're supposed to be playing in Tomah that day!

Ate grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, as I'm in full on "It's cold, so only hearty comfort foods" mode, and now I need to finish up some Primary stuff before continuing work on the endless pile of mittens. They're fun to make, but you have to make two for every person! Imagine that! :P

Off I go!
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