Ali (magegirl) wrote,


Yay, Friday! :)

I got Brenna up and out the door on time, which is always good, and I got work done earlier than I have been because I actually tried to consistently work instead of being distracted by Candy Crush. Go me! :)

After, Jonas and I delivered the last of the hats to our friends at the clinic, and found out that Jonas's next scan day has been set up--February 28th. So that is good to know. Then, it was back home for lunch, then Jonas and I did math together and read books together until Chris got home. Kathryn picked up the girls from school, so Jonas and I played Bookworm Adventures together until Brenna was home.

We had a nice relaxing afternoon--the kids played very nicely together--and then we watched Dr. Who with dinner. I got one and a half mittens done (will finish up the second mitten in the morning), so I'm slowly making progress on the pile of "to-be-made" projects.

Tomorrow, I drive over to Tomah with Brenna for hockey. Should be fun!
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