Ali (magegirl) wrote,

Busy Saturday

First, a very happy birthday to the amazing Megan! You are wonderful, and I hope you had an excellent day. :)

Today, Brenna had a choice between playing hockey at our normal ice arena, or going to Tomah to play against the kids there. We'd never been to Tomah, so she decided to go there. So, she and I had a nice little road trip. I drove (obviously), and she read to me.

Once we got there ...and figured how to get inside..., she did a great job, and had lots of fun. :)

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Afterward, we drove the hour back, grabbed a fun lunch treat (yay Happy meals!) for Brenna and Jonas, then picked up Jonas from home. Our hospital has been building a new section/building for the last three years, and it opens next week. Today and tomorrow are the open house. They were having a teddy bear clinic, which helps de-mystify shots and ivs and broken bones and such for kids, and I thought the kids might like it. We also took their hour-long tour of the new facility. Jonas was very talkative throughout--making comments and asking pretty good questions, actually. I think he amused the tour guide and the other members of our group, judging by the smiles and chuckles his comments elicited. :P The kids (and I!) were also happy to see Cheri (the child-life specialist from the clinic). She was running part of the teddy bear clinic. Jonas was telling the lady demonstrating blood draws how to do them and explaining that he knows all about them and he was sharing his story with her.

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We also stopped by the donor wall that has Jonas (and a bunch of other CMN Hospital Heroes and other people)'s picture on it. Jonas thought it was pretty cool. :)

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The kids were also a fan of the little water bottles and sandwich pieces from the new bistro, the waterfall wall in the new healing gardens, and the pen and paper they were giving out. :D

After the tour, we headed home and just hung out for a bit before making dinner and watching a show together.

Brenna had an interesting choice of headwear--

title or description

All in all, a very nice day! Well, other than the fact that I had to pause writing this entry to help Brenna --poor girl, she went to the bathroom, and her nose started gushing blood! Her nightshirt looks like she was in a slasher movie. But she'd doing better and back in bed, so that's good.

A funny quote from each kid to round out the entry:

Jonas: "I wish I was a Time Lord, because when I lick things I could know what they are."

Also, every night, when I put Brenna to bed, I say "Question, comment, and/or concern," and she can share any question, comment, or concern she has. Brenna's question tonight? "Explain time and space, please." I guess that's one way to try to extend the time before bed....

I ended up telling her that people spend their entire lives and careers trying to do so. We did briefly discuss the idea of linear time, folding space and man's desire for time travel, but I told her that we'd have to have many discussions about it when it wasn't bedtime! :)
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