Ali (magegirl) wrote,

Captain Underwear Head!

This morning, Jonas was getting dressed and came in and asked, "Is this the right way to put on my underwear?" He had put them on his head, with his face peeking out from one leg hole. When I looked at him, he grinned and ran around shouting, "I'm Captain Underwear Head! Fear my wrath!"

That boy sure makes me laugh. :D

Today was a pretty good day. Did a bunch of work, then Jonas and I read together, did some math, had a dance party, and went on a walk together before coming back to dance some more. It was a lot of fun. :) Jonas is really coming along with his reading, and his math. He still struggles with the fine motor control needed to write very well, but I'm not particularly worried about it. Maybe I'll let him go to town with a pair of scissors next time. He'll like that. :D

Later, after Brenna came home, Zana showed up to play, and then Dale did, too, so the kids had a great time together. We had green beans and bbq chicken drumsticks for dinner, and watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters with the kids. Then roleplaying with friends, which is always fun. :)

Tomorrow, Brenna has hockey, and I'll have to clean up the house because we might have visitors. Good times!
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