Ali (magegirl) wrote,

Ward Conference Sunday

Today was Ward Conference, so all the stake leadership was at our ward council meeting this morning. Well, everyone but the Primary leadership! :P The stake Primary president called me yesterday to let me know they wouldn't be able to make it--one of the councilors has a son going on a mission and today was his farewell, and the president was calling me from the emergency room where she was with her son. So...they'll come another time.

Church went well (Allie and Zana both came), but sacrament went waaaaaay over, which kinda messed with my Sharing Time preparations! Normally it'd be a lot easier to cut down, but today I had guests from the ward come participate, so it was kind of crazy. It all worked out, though, so that's good.

This afternoon, we hung out with the kids (and I must have been super tired, because I actually napped for a bit!), and then Chris made us curry for dinner. Yum!

Brenna kept hearing noises and seeing things in her room, so after Jonas was asleep, we had her go sleep on the top bunk in his room. Hopefully that will help her not be scared.

I continue to work on my purple minion mittens. Got the second pair done, and started on a third (I have the eyes attached, now I need the buttons, mouth, and teeth). I also researched baby blessing dress patterns because I may make one for a friend's baby, at her request. :) Should be fun!

Also cute Jonas quote for the day:
Chris to Jonas, "Can I hold your hand?"
Jonas: "Sure, my pinkie is available!" and he offered Chris his pinkie to hold.

Jonas also got in trouble for chasing Brenna around asking her "Are you my mummy?" (reference to a Dr. Who episode).

Tomorrow, Chris and Brenna have the day off, but Jonas still has joy school and dance class. Busy day!
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